How to Clean Touring Boots?

cleaning touring boots

How to Clean Touring Boots?

Walking boots are sturdy, and our range’s excellent choices will hold up in demanding conditions. However, a little care and attention once in a while will keep your beloved touring boots performing for longer; simply follow these simple steps to get the most out of your walking boots.


  • Preparation: After a trip, take a moment to wash off any mud and grit you have accumulated with warm water and a semi-stiff brush – no detergents!
  • You can also wash your boots, but please make sure that you remove the laces so that you can easily reach concealed areas, such as the tongue, when cleaning. FASAGROUP Touring boots must not be washed in a washing machine under any circumstances. This can damage the upper material and destroy adhesives beyond repair.
  • Remove the foot bed – it can be washed at 30 degrees – so that it can dry out and be aired.
  • Cleaning: To remove dirt and stones before applying conditioning products, heavily soiled touring boots should be cleaned with a brush and warm water. You should also clean the interior part of your shoes.
  • Drying : Dry shoes will keep their perfect shape if you use wooden shoe trees.
  • Waterproofing : It is best to waterproof your boots when they are not quite dry. The pores on the leather are then still open and the waterproofing can penetrate more deeply. Waterproofing takes around 24 hours to become fully effective. Boots should always be repeatedly waterproofed so that water and dirt can be permanently repelled. Please be aware that the leather will need regular waxing.
  • Waxing : Leather needs a regular application of wax, Please apply the wax with a sponge or cloth; the tongues must also be waxed.
  • Storing : Never store your boots in a damp room since the boots could begin to mold.
cleaning touring boots
Cleaning touring boots

CAUTION: Do not warm up the wax! It will otherwise penetrate too deeply and thus impair breathability and wearing comfort. The appearance of the leather will change through the application of wax.


  • Avoid storing in a hot place, e.g. in the direct sun, near a radiator and never in the trunk of a car.
  • Never wash leather shoes or boots in the washing machine. The mechanics of the wash cycle along with the high temperatures can wash out leather pigments, damage the upper materials, and loosen cementing, which will irreparably destroy the boot.
  • Never allow boots to dry next to the heater or sun or near an oven. Wet leather burns very easily, i.e. it becomes brittle, cracked, and contracts.

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